We Are Invited to Climb pre-orders on sale now!

a small pocketbook of poems titled "We Are Invited to Climb"

Forthcoming from Awst Press September 2021, my debut collection of chance poetry is now available for pre-orders.

We Are Invited to Climb is a collection of partly computer-generated chance poems exploring “the bigandsmall.” At once a celebration of the impossible and the very real, the poems are made of refrigerator hums and upside-down kites. Watercolor stains and valleypeaks. Written using groundbreaking new techniques in generative poetry, the world Yoon creates reckons with contradiction: the sameness of other and self, choice and constraint, sense and nonsense. Through whimsy and experimentation, Yoon taps into the depths of humanity—the algorithm we all share.

Pre-order your copy here today!

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recent projects & recordings

  • Four Pages for Melodicas - october 2019

    | audio | video | score

    a sort of composed improv for melodica orchestra

  • Live at Babycastles - spectrophone painting and melodicas - september 2019

    | audio | video

    live painting and live coding spectrophone sounds

  • Live at Muchmore's - spectrophone painting and melodicas - august 2019

    | audio | video

    live painting and live coding spectrophone sounds and double melodica

  • journal/2019-08-12 space spectrophone - august 2019

    | video | audio

    spectrophone improv on a video from the ISS orbiting earth. blue - mostly GM7 square waves; orange/brown/white - detuned D harmonic series (24 partials)

  • againagain - july 2019

    | showing event | code

    a dynamic poem in installation; visitors are invited to press a button, generating a unique rendition of a poem and printing it on a receipt for them to take home.

  • sleepy summer day keyboard - july 2019

    | video | audio

    lil fake jazz keyboard improv